The book is a welcome counterpart of the digital violence. An oasis of rest in the roller coaster which is called the world. In a book words and images get another value; they have more depth and remain in our memory for a longer period of time. Moreover, since a book is tangible, it has a longer life span. Especially when that book has an appealing look and feel.

Focus on experience
PMG Today features all disciplines to produce a unique and inspiring book for your company, organization or brand. From a distinctive jubilee book to a stylish corporate edition; from a richly illustrated storybook to a catchy photo book. All focused on the experience: the ‘personal’ story around your brand or company. Exactly this is the sparkle between you and your business relations.

Stories connect
This is the real storytelling! Because authentic stories connect. They feed, surprise and entertain. And they give meaning to events.

From a to z
Publishing a book is a profession. Since PMG Today understands this profession, we are able to take care of all aspects of the production. From a to z. From concept to research and interviews, from high-end photography to design and printing. Turnkey, so to say. In the end, the only thing you have to do is to turn the pages of your own book.

brigitte.jpgLet’s introduce: Brigitte de Swart
Words are her favorite things, writing is her passion. Journalist and copywriter Brigitte de Swart writes texts that matters and she coordinates text productions. Whether it is a journalistic article, a web text, a brochure, a newsletter, a voice-over text, a magazine or a book; with over 20 years of experience Brigitte knows how to create them all. Moreover, she loves pushing the boundaries, her own and yours. By standing out in identity and using a compelling tone or voice. From the strong believe that the power of the word is able to convince people. Curious to see how this works for your business? Please contact me for more information:

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