PMG.Today, Media & Marketing 3.0, Amersfoort @PMG: Hospitality


PMGToday is about experience, about the creation of lasting memories. We do this by thinking out of the box and really connecting with our customers Thus, a personal approach with you as a human being always in the picture. In this, hospitality plays an important role. For example, at a social event as one of your marketing tools. Or in a brainstorming session about the branding of your product or service, where we connect creativity to gastronomy.

At PMGToday doing business is always linked to hospitality. Whether it is a presentation, an event within the framework of social responsibility or a meeting with your customers. In this, we go further than the usual service; instead of choosing the ‘one size fits all’ approach, we go for the ‘one size fits one’ way. In other words: hospitality in optima forma @PMGToday.

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